About the book:

A "Theoretical Approach to Modern American History and Literature" reconfigures the history of modern America by showing how multiple and, at times, vulnerable social, economic, literary and political movements, levels, divisions and conditions such as the emergent middle class, the labor movement, the Progressive Movement, the socialist and communist parties, the Women’s movements, the NAACP, the Garvey movement, Asian and Native American resistance movements, writers, artists and intellectuals seized upon social, gender, economic and racial inequalities and challenged a singularly defined modern America.

About the author:

W. Lawrence Hogue is the Moores Distinguished Professor of English at the University of Houston, USA, and the author of many books, including "Postmodernism, Traditional Cultural Forms, and African American Narratives" (2013), "Postmodern American Literature and Its Other" (2009) and "The African American Male, Writing, and Difference" (2003). He teaches undergraduate courses and graduate seminars on Contemporary American Fiction, Modern American Literature, Critical Theory, Postmodern Fiction and US Minority Literatures.

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