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Prospective Students


How do I apply?

In order to apply to the Creative Writing Program, you’ll need to complete the University of Houston Graduate School Application online: UH Graduate School Application.

Can I send in some application materials separately?

The online application requires you to upload all pertinent materials before submitting. Additional materials such as official transcripts and GRE scores should be sent to the appropriate locations following completion of the online application. You can find additional information here: UH Graduate School - How to Apply.

Do the letters of recommendation have to be sent in by the recommender or am I supposed to send them with the rest of the application materials?

The letters of reference are gathered electronically by the university for applicants to the graduate program. You will be asked to provide references at the time of submitting your application. References should be from individuals who can describe your aptitude and potential for graduate study based on their knowledge of your work.

Are any items judged more closely than others?

Yes, the statement of intent, manuscript and letters of recommendation are considered to be the determining factors, although the rest of the application materials are looked at and judged accordingly.

Is the GRE mandatory?

No. As of the 2020-21 academic year, the GRE is no longer required as part of the graduate application for Creative Writing.

Can the application fee be waived?

No, fees are set by the Department and all applicants must pay the listed amount.

I am an international student and have not taken the TOEFL but have taken English classes, will that suffice?

No, the score on the TOEFL is a requirement.

I want to apply in more than one genre. Can I do that?

Yes, but you will have to complete an application and submit the application fee for each genre.

How long does my creative manuscript have to be?

A maximum of 10 pages of poetry or 20 – 25 pages of fiction. Fiction manuscripts should be double-spaced on numbered, single sided pages. Poetry manuscripts can be single-spaced and formatted as desired.