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Inprint, which began life in 1980 specifically to help fund the Graduate Program in Creative Writing, has grown into a nationally-recognized literary arts organization connecting and nurturing writers and readers in Houston. In addition to providing over $2 million dollars in fellowships to Program students since 1983, Inprint sponsors the nationally acclaimed Inprint Brown Reading Series, the Cool Brains Reading Series for Young People, the Inprint Studio Series for cutting edge and emerging writers and Inprint Writers Workshops including ones specifically tailored for Senior Citizens and Teachers-as-Writers.

Inprint Houston

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts LogoThe Graduate Program in Creative Writing is a proud member of The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts, an “arts-epicenter’ dedicated to cultivating and promoting interdisciplinary work among the creative disciplines. Founded with a generous and visionary $25 million dollar gift from UH alum TK Mitchell in memory of his wife Cynthia, The Mitchell Center fosters and nurtures collaboration and exchange between contemporary literary, performing, and visual artists.
Current and future offerings available to Program students through the Mitchell Center include collaborative arts course taught by Nick Flynn and opera libretto workshops.

Writers In The Schools

Writers in the Schools LogoWriters in the Schools (WITS) is a nonprofit organization that places creative writers in schools, museums, hospitals, and other venues. Most residencies are a 28-week commitment that involves visiting two or three classes once a week. This commitment pays around $100-$120 per week and can therefore add about $3,000 to your annual income. WITS also offers a limited number of summer teaching opportunities during the month of June. The Houston WITS organization is the most highly respected in the nation, and most UH graduate students find working with WITS an immensely gratifying, if also challenging, experience. WITS usually hires incoming writers during the summertime. Applications require a letter of application, a resume, and a writing sample and are due by August 1. Interviews are usually held between August 1-15.

For more information, see the Writers In The Schools website.