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Lauren Zentz

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Associate Professor

Lauren Zentz

Dr. Zentz specializes in issues related to nationalism and state formation, language learning and identity work, and more recently, online communication and political activism. Until 2017, her work was primarily focused on Indonesian state formation, language policies, and language learning and identity in Central Java. Since then, she has taken an interest in how political activists make use of social media platforms in constructing individual and group identities and conducting their movements overall. Toward this understanding, she is currently researching one Texas-based group and one Cuban (diasporic) group, following their activities across multiple platforms and in-person contexts.

Research Interests:

  • State formation and nationalism
  • Language and identity
  • Online communications and political activism/organizing

Books published:

Zentz, L. (2017). Statehood, Scale, and Hierarchy: History, Language, and Identity in Indonesia. Multilingual Matters.

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