A CPH Lecture Series Event - Black, Brown, and Blue: A Historical Discussion of Policing in Houston


Please join us for a live-streaming, CPH Lecture Series event: 

"BlackBrown, and Blue: A Historical Discussion of Policing in Houston," Thursday September 24th at 3:30PM.   

The event will livestreamed in Vimeo.  

A link to the livestream site will be provided when you register for the event on Eventbrite, here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/black-brown-and-blue-a-historical-discussion-of-policing-in-houston-tickets-117463204607 

For questions and further information, please e-mail Dr. Wes Jackson at wtjacks2@central.uh.edu 

 We hope you'll be able to join us!  

Dr. Christopher Haight (Houston Community College) will facilitate a discussion about the history of policing in Houston with scholars Dr. Dwight Watson (Texas State University), Dr. Brian Behnken (Iowa State University), and Dr. Guadalupe Quintanilla (University of Houston). 

 Dr. Watson is the author of Race and the Houston Police Department, 1930-1990: A Change Did Come. A historian of African American History and the Civil Rights Movement, his research focuses on how race and law impact United States History. He has previously worked as a correctional counselor, a prison grievance officer, a county probation officer, and state parole officer.  

Dr. Behnken's research is concentrated on the history of the African American and Mexican American communities in the twentieth century United States, with an emphasis on civil rights activism and comparative race relations. He’s the author of Fighting Their Own Battles: Mexican Americans, African Americans, and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Texas, examining the dual and often separate Black and Mexican American freedom struggles in Texas, identifying the causes of Black-Brown disunity in the state.  

Dr. Guadalupe Quintanilla is a professor of Latin American Culture and Literature. She is the author of numerous pedagogical and education articles, as well as national communications manuals for law enforcement and emergency service professionals. She has been a powerful influence in the Hispanic community, and co-founded the Cross-Cultural Communications Program in Houston. She is a popular speaker for local and national conventions where she discusses topics ranging from literature to Spanish for the professions.