Valenti Ranked Among Top 75 Communication Programs, Globally

The University of Houston communication program’s rank increased from 101-150 in 2018

The Valenti School of Communication has moved closer to the top of a list of 500 communication programs in the world. According to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) report, the school now ranks among the top 51-75 communication programs worldwide.

This new rank is the Valenti School of Communication’s highest to date. In 2018, the school placed within the 101-150 cohort.

“The ARWU report confirms that we are making the right academic investments and that our work to elevate our program on a global scale is paying off,” said Dr. Temple Northup, director of the Valenti School of Communication.

An annual report by ShanghaiRanking, the ARWU identifies the top 500 universities in the world based on a variety of factors – such as award-winning alumni and staff and highly cited researchers. In addition to ranking universities as a whole, the report also evaluates the strength of specific subjects (e.g., communication).

The University of Houston, which had dropped slightly to the 201-300 category last year, has 29 programs that made the cut in 2019. Of those programs, the Valenti School was one of five to place among the top 100 in its subject. It was also the highest ranking program in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS).

However, this success did not come by chance. After creating a five-year strategic plan in 2016, the Valenti School of Communication’s leadership team has constantly worked to elevate the program. From hiring more faculty to overhauling the curriculum, initiatives have continuously been introduced to advance the program, nationally and internationally.

The ultimate goal has remained the same: ensuring student success.