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Eight Valenti School of Communication professors recently attended the 2019 International Communication Association (ICA) Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. Cumulatively, they delivered 12 presentations, and Dr. Lea Hellmueller hosted an inaugural event for female-identified attendees.

The research presented by Valenti School faculty included studies addressing “fake news” and misinformation, social media activism, and health communication. The paper “Developing a Multi-Level Organization-Public Dialogic Communication Framework to Assess Social Media-Mediated Disaster Communication and Engagement Outcomes,” which was co-authored by Assistant Professor Wenlin Liu received a Top Faculty Paper Award from the Public Relations Division.


The following ICA presentations featured Valenti faculty members:

  • “Prescription for a Truly Happy Existence: A Narrative Analysis of Successful Aging in Children’s Storybooks” by Jill Yamasaki.
  • “The Credibility of Credibility Measures: A Review of Measurement Scales for Credibility, 1951 to 2018” by Anina Hanimann, Lea C. Hellmueller and Damian Trilling.
  • “Tweeting in Solidarity: Examining Frame Diffusion and Alignment Processes Among Immigrant-Serving Ngos in California Before and After Donald Trump’s Travel Ban” by Wenlin Liu and Summer Harlow.
  • “We Want to Help: Examining Government Use of Social Media and Public Engagement Outcomes During Natural Disasters” by Jiun-Yi Tsai, Weiai W. Xu and Wenlin Liu.
  • “Why Are Politically Active People Avoided in Countries with Collectivistic Cultures? A Cross-Cultural Experiment in Nine Countries/Regions” by Tetsuro Kobayashi, Miura Asako, and Dani Madrid-Morales.
  • “’Fake News’, Disinformation and Media Trust in Africa: A Comparative Study of Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa” by Herman Wasserman and Dani Madrid-Morales.
  • “The Nexus of Gender with Uses and Gratifications in Online General and Health Information Seeking” by Zhiwen Xiao, Jaesub Lee, and Lily Zeng.
  • “Engagement and Empowerment of Immigrant Publics” by Lan Ni and Qi Wang.
  • “Chinese Media in the Global South: A Historical Overview of an Enduring Asymmetric Relationship” by Dani Madrid-Morales.
  • “Developing a Multi-Level Organization-Public Dialogic Communication Framework to Assess Social Media-Mediated Disaster Communication and Engagement Outcomes” by Wenlin Liu, Weiai W. Xu, and Jiun-Yi Tsai.
  • “Terrorism in the News: Explaining Mediated Visibility of Organized Violence” by Lea C. Hellmueller, Valerie Hase, and Peggy Lindner.
  • “Many Shades of State-Sponsored News: A Content Analysis of Chinese, Iranian and Russian International Broadcasting in Spanish” by Dani Madrid-Morales, Miriam Hernandez, and Pablo Morales.

The ICA Annual Conference, which began on May 25, brought together more than 3.000 communication scholars from all over the world. Following the conference on May 29, Assistant Professor Lea Hellmueller hosted the first-ever Badass Ladies of Communication Post-Conference. More than 100 female-identified ICA scholars attended the three panels “How to be a Public Intellectual,” “How to Reach Your Badass Lady Potential” (moderated by Hellmueller) and “Listening to the Best: Roads not Taken and Roads to Take.”