Valenti Helps Alley Theatre Showcase Immigrants' Stories During "Vietgone"

Vietnamese immigrant's interview on display
Immigrant interviews being showcased on digital screens in the Neuhaus Lobby during the Vietgone play's intermission.

The Alley Theatre debuted their play “Vietgone” on Oct. 4 in its Neuhaus Theatre, one of three spaces in the venue. The play is about two Vietnamese refugees working and living in 1970’s America after the fall of Saigon. 

The group collaborated with the Valenti School of Communication to produce a series of videos for this production. Dr. Temple Northup, director of the Valenti School of Communication, worked with the team to provide technical support by filming, editing and shooting interviews.  

“Listening to their stories moved me,” said Dr. Temple Northup, after hearing the different family refugee stories from local immigrants. “They were very happy and really valued our contribution to the performance.”  

Benito Vasquez, manager of community partnerships, says the ultimate goal of the project was to represent and honor the Houston community and the Vietnamese-American population through Vietgone. 

“I hope our audiences leave not only talking about the great experience of watching Vietgone but also feeling proud to be part of a city with such a rich history and culture.”  

The series of videos will be displayed in the Neuhaus Lobby throughout the run of Vietgone, which ends on Sunday, Nov. 3.