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Austin H. S. Academic Achievers Program

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The Academic Achievers Program at Austin High School was established in 1985 as the Hispanic Family College Project in an effort to increase the high school graduation and college enrollment rates in the East End area of Houston. After a five year lapse, which ended in 1998, it was resumed as the SABE– Students Aspiring to a Better Education– Program. In the summer of 2005, the name was changed to Academic Achievers Program, but the mission and structure of the program remained the same.


The Academic Achievers Program provides the following services:

  • tutoring
  • mentoring
  • academic workshops
  • special presentations
  • informational meetings
  • field trips
  • SAT preparation classes
  • leadership development retreats
  • summer sessions


Academic Achievers Program at Austin High School students who enroll at the University of Houston upon high school graduation are automatically admitted into the college level Academic Achievers Program at the UH and become eligible for a:


Members of the Academic Achievers Program at Austin High School are required to adhere to the following requirements:

  • work towards a high GPA: 2.7+
  • enroll in pre-Advanced Placement and Advanced Placement courses
  • complete at least 3 hours of supervised studying and/or tutoring per week
  • attend all program sponsored activities & events
  • participate in community service projects

The requirements help the AAP at Austin members remain focused on their studies and accomplish their academic goals.

Interested in joining?

High school students interested in becoming members of the Academic Achievers Program must meet the following criteria:

  • be a freshman
  • have good grades
  • have strong college aspirations
  • need financial assistance for college
  • have leadership potential
  • be willing to sign a contract agreeing to adhere to the requirements of the program