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National Model African Union

National Model African Union-Washington, DC

(First Week in March, annually)

african union

Every spring the African American Studies Program sends a team of University of Houston international scholars to Washington D.C. to participate in the annual Model African Union conference sponsored by Howard University.  This conference hosts 30-40 different universities every year with each institution bringing anywhere from four to ten students to engage in mock sessions of the African Union.  Likewise, the Model African Union conference is an excellent way for students to network with other universities, other students from these universities, and gain an international experience within this increasingly interdependent world.

AAS 4440:  Model African Union Seminar is open to all students with an interest in traveling to Howard University in Washington, D.C., for the Model African Union Conference.  This course is designed to prepare students for participation in the spring conference.  As such, it is primarily focused on the ideological development of global Pan-Africanism.  If you have an interest in this program and the opportunities it provides for educational enhancement and social networking, please contact Paul Easterling, AAS Program Manager, at