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Coogs Conquer (C-2) Series

CAPS presents the Coogs Conquer Workshop Series free and open to students, faculty and staff. See the topics and times below. Join us! Zoom Meeting Room

C-2 Managing Mindfully

Mindfulness can help to manage our thoughts, feelings and mental health. Learn this evidence-based practice to restore and build your mental health! Zoom Meeting Room

  • Monday 9/14 at 10am CST
  • Monday 9/21 at 10am CST
  • Monday 9/28 at 10am CST

Coogs Conquer: Return to "Campus"

Join us Thursdays to share and discuss ways to engage successfully both emotionally and academically this fall.

  • Thursday 9/3 at 10am CST
  • Thursday 9/10 at 10am CST
  • Thursday 9/17 at 10am CST

C-2 Racial Trauma is Real

Protests following the murder of George Floyd have reignited long-overdue conversations about anti-black racism in America. Learn about and understand the impact of racial trauma and how to cope and/or support those affected by racially traumatic events. Zoom Meeting Room

To request this workshop for 10 or more participants please submit a request.

  • Friday 9/25 at 10am CST

C-2 Emotional Roller Coasters

Ongoing disruption to our daily lives by COVID-19 and news coverage of racial unrest can cause a range of feelings. Learn how to cope with these ups and downs. To request the recording of this workshop please email Marti Trummer-Cabrera.

C-2 Coogs Conquer Anxiety

Take time to understand the worries and effects of uncertainty. Practice ways to cope with ups and downs of anxiety. Zoom Meeting Room

Anxiety Coping Strategies