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Student Life FAQs

Where can I go to see a doctor/get medical attention?
There is a Health Center located on campus where students, faculty and staff can go for medical attention. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 713-743-5151 or online using our Student Patient Portal at We encourage you to make an appointment, however; same-day appointments are offered based on availability and medical need. The Health Center also provides medical specialty clinics, diagnostic services, a pharmacy, student health insurance and outreach programs.
Where can I learn more about campus safety?
Students, faculty and staff can visit the UH Police Department website to learn more about safety and security on campus. Services such as  police escorts, emergency and information call boxes, and more are available through UHPD.
Where can I get help in solving problems related to the university?
Sometimes students run into situations where a clear solution is hard to find. The University of Houston Student Advocacy and Support Services is a problem-solving service that assists students. Ombudservice designated problem-solvers will help students resolve problems or refer students to the office or person who can help with the problem. Ombudservice specializes in helping students with various academic and nonacademic concerns such as residency status, registration, fee payment, housing, financial aid, grades, parking and other university-related issues.
Where can I find information about academic resources?
Your education is important and UH has many academic services and learning resources where students can enhance their educational experience. The university provides numerous services to help students adjust to university life. UH Learning Assessment Services identifies needs, provides assessment and evaluative services, promotes outreach activities and facilitates student learning. The University Libraries are great places to study and conduct research.

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