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LECTURE: Assemble Studio

Monday, March 1, 2021

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

This lecture is being held via Zoom. CLICK HERE to register and gain access!

“Objects as Actors”

We produce our environments and they produce us. How might we start to think about an architectural practice growing out of the opposing truth of these two facts? How can we use this knowledge to develop the architecture we need? Tracing a very partial history of distributed authorship, bricolage, and contingency, we can learn from gothic cathedrals and adventure playgrounds, community-led urbanism and thunderstones, to reconsider how we might want to practice and build in the future.  

About Fran Edgerley | Assemble Studio

Fran Edgerley is a partner of the architecture and design collective Assemble, with whom they work to look critically at the processes producing our built environment. Edgerley’s work is focused on the possibilities in collective and co-operative relations created by different social and architectural structures. She is currently working to develop a new social centre in London as a resource to challenge the commodification of land and property. Over the past year, Edgerley has also been developing a film on the invisible architectures of language.