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UH Pre-Pharmacy Association Meeting

Thursday, September 17, 2020

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The University of Houston Pre-Pharmacy Association (UH PPA) will host a virtual meeting to discuss their organization, mission, and opportunities UH pre-Pharmacy students can take advantage of.


To join the meeting, be sure to use the following link:


UH PPA Fall 2020 Meeting Schedule:

9/3 - Intro/Interest meeting with UH College of Pharmacy joining us to speak about introducing members to the pharmacy profession and learning more about UH College of Pharmacy. 


9/17 - PCAT workshop led by one of our officers as well as an introduction to SNPhA, a UHCOP organization that undergraduate students can join.


10/1 - We will be having a pharmacist come to speak with our members about her day to day life as a pharmacist. 


10/15 - UT College of Pharmacy will come to speak about their admission process and talk more about their college. 


10/29 - University of California San Francisco’s College of Pharmacy will come to speak as well about their admission and college. 


11/12 - University of California San Diego’s College of Pharmacy will have 2 of their students come to talk about their experiences as pharmacy students and their day to day schedules. 

UH PPA Membership Fee:

Semester: $25
Annual: $35