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Serving and Managing Reproducible HPC Environments via Conda-Store

Thursday, February 24, 2022

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

About the Event

When working within teams and organizations, managing and keeping track of the software packages used in a workflow or project can be very important. In HPC environments this used to be relatively straightforward: the administrators packaged a set of available software packages and compilers and provided a mechanism (i.e. module load etc.) for end users to load those packages in a convenient manner. Unfortunately, with the rise of the modern scientific software ecosystem the sheer variety of packages available and the speed at which those packages get updated makes it impractical for a centralized administration paradigm to keep up. On the flip side, often end users install packages in an ad-hoc manner making reproducibility and collaboration near impossible.

Conda-Store provides a way for end users to quickly create and modify environments while at the same time capturing those environments in a reproducible manner that can be shared within teams and managed by IT. We will walk through the architecture of Conda-Store and show how it balances the three corners of the IT / User / Reproducibility triangle. 

About the Speaker

Christopher Ostrouchov, Ph.D.
Senior Software Architect at Quansight

Chris Ostrouchov, Ph.D., is a scientific software architect at Quansight and the technical lead on QHub and Conda-Store. He is passionate about numerical computing, reproducibility and making open source sustainable. He is a contributor to open source software in the pydata ecosystem mainly around JupyterHub, Dask, and NixOS.

He earned his Ph.D. in Cneering from the


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