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The Geophysical Society of Houston

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

11:00 am - 12:30 pm

About the Event

In this workshop, we look back to some of the more comprehensive notebooks from the 2019 TGS Salt Identification Challenge. This challenge took place 3 years ago and was the first of its kind for our discipline. You can expect a brief introduction to CNNs, more specifically U-nets, and how they were used to tackle this challenge. We will be running through some notebooks in real-time to give you more hands-on experience. When registration closes, we will send out notebooks and additional supporting information to registrants.

Mentors: John O’Donnell, Altay Sansal, and Eduardo Alvarez

What is a Geo2Data Workshop? 
Our Geo2Data Workshops will focus on building up your practical skills and developing a strong data science foundation. Our goal with these workshops is not to help you create the next BIG THING, it is to give you practical exposure. Additionally, participants will join a network of aspiring data scientists in experiencing one of the discipline’s key rites of passage, hackathons.


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Ishita Sharma

Data Scientist at HPE DSI
Division of Research