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10:00 am11:00 am
Retirement Planning: Simplified!

Vendor: Human Resources

This presentation will give you a basic understanding of your employer retirement plan, Social Security, and the 403(b) TDA/Roth and 457 TDA/Roth supplemental retirement plans offered at the University.

12:00 pm1:00 pm
AIG: Introducing Retirement Pathfinder

Vendor: AIG

This presentation will give you a broad concept of the 403(b) / Roth 403(b) options for retirement and supplement to TRS or ORP.

12:00 pm1:00 pm
QPR Suicide Prevention Training with CAPS

QPR, which stands for “Question, Persuade, Refer,” is a nationally recognized suicide prevention program designed to educate persons to recognize and respond to the signs of suicide thinking or behavior.

1:30 pm2:30 pm
Voya: Foundations of Financial Wellness

Vendor: Voya

This seminar covers information to help attendees understand the principles of financial wellness while presenting on a variety of finance topics including goal setting, protection, spending and saving, and retirement planning. Attendees will also learn helpful tips on maximizing possible employer benefits and accessing resources to help them on their journey to financial well-being.

3:30 pm4:30 pm
Texa$aver: 457 Overview Presentation

Vendor: TexaSaver

This event will cover the three parts of retirement, pension plans, Social Security and 457. It will also give an overview of the 457 plan, limits, contributions, and some investment information. Possible employer benefits and accessing resources to help them on their journey to financial well-being.

4:00 pm4:45 pm
Pop Pilates with Campus Recreation

Pop Pilates is an intense, mat-based workout that develops a strong core and lean muscles, all to the beat of the music!

5:30 pm6:30 pm
Trans/Non-binary Chats

The Trans/Nonbinary Chats are for transgender students and partners, or anyone questioning their gender identity. After attending the group, participants should feel more empowered to engage with the general community as an advocate for themselves. All Identities Welcome!

5:30 pm6:00 pm
Cardio Dance with Campus Recreation

Cardio Dance fuses musical rhythms and choreographed dance moves together to create a dynamic workout that’s designed for fun—and a good workout! —in mind. Moving to the music allows your mind to relax while your body is in constant motion.