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12:00 am12:00 am
Netzero by 2050 Writing and Poster Competition

As part of UH Energy’s Critical Issues in Energy Writing Competition series, Houston-area university students are challenged to imagine an answer to “Net Zero by 2050 - What will the world be like in 2050?” The competition is jointly sponsored by the UH Energy Transition Institute and the Energy Coalition, and entrants will share their thoughts on potential progress toward the global goal of NetZero by 2050.

9:00 am9:15 am
15-Minute Fitness Fusion with Rachel Schey

Join Rachel Schey for this all-levels fitness class where you will experience a blend of core strength, cardio, and general fitness movements that you can do anywhere. No equipment necessary!

10:30 am1:00 pm
LGBTQ+ SAGA Leadership Brunch

Join the LGBTQ Resource Center’s Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA) Squad for an interactive Leadership Brunch with fun, food, and discussion about identity, community, advocacy, self-care, and more. The event will include an “L-G-B-T-+” Q&A panel, games, and networking opportunities. See details for RSVP and question form links.

12:00 pm4:30 pm
The Rise of Neo-Fascism

This symposium will assess the dangerous upsurge of neo-fascism over recent years. We will examine not only the increasing expression of hostile and outlandish far-right ideologies, including many that are explicitly fascist, but also organized (and frequently armed) political movements, organizations, and militias.

8:00 pm
Shakespeare in Love by Lee Hall

Young Will Shakespeare has writer’s block. The deadline for his new play is fast approaching, but he’s in desperate need of inspiration. That is, until he finds his muse… the feisty, brilliant and beautiful Viola. This crafty young woman is Will’s greatest admirer and will stop at nothing (including breaking the law) to appear in his next play. Against a bustling background of mistaken identity, ruthless scheming and backstage theatrics, Will’s love for Viola quickly blossoms, inspiring him to write his greatest romantic masterpiece.