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9:00 am10:00 am
Texa$aver: 457 Overiew

Explore the three parts of retirement: pension plans, Social Security and 457. Receive an overview of the 457 plan, limits, and contributions as well as investment information.

1:00 pm2:00 pm
Faith, Love & Sexuality Discussion Series

Join us for a weekly discussion series on sex, sexuality, relationships and theology from Progressive Christian perspectives. Scripture contains many varied stories of desire, passion, romance, sex & more. We will explore many of them through the lens of the Greatest Commandments - to love God & your neighbor as yourself.

5:30 pm8:00 pm
Showing of King in the Wilderness

King in the Wilderness documents the final moments of Dr. King’s life, revealing how the activist navigated conflict and criticism in his social justice journey. Sponsored by the UH Student Centers.