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Intern Highlight - Cadet Boardman Homeland Security Summer Internship


United States Coast Guard Cadet William Boardman is a First Class or rising senior majoring in Government, Public Policy, and Law. He is one of three Coast Guard cadets that participated in the 2018 Homeland Security Summer Internship hosted by the BTI Institute. 

Cadet Boardman is responsible for conducting a literature review and developing action plan recommendations for Victim and Family Services response to a Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack. Additionally, he is developing an in-depth read file on CBP executive leadership, assisting the Institute will customer discovery. 

"I found value in the depth of research required for each of the tasks," said Boardman. 

Cadet Boardman will return to the Coast Guard Academy after his internship to begin football practice in preparation for the coming academic year. 



boardman1.jpg boardman2.jpg