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Bb Learn Student Online Support Form

Please fill out the following information on your problem for the University of Houston Bb Learn Team. Submit this form online for the fastest resolution. The more information you supply, the more quickly your problem can be addressed.

Required fields are indicated with an asterisk(*), but the more information you supply, the more quickly we will be able to solve your problem.

Please be sure to tell us the exact nature of your problem in the Problem Description at the bottom of this form.

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Contact Information: Please include an email address and a phone number. The phone number will only be used as a last resort.
Course Information:
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Problem Information: What version of Blackboard are you having a problem with?

What Blackboard feature are you having trouble with?

When the problem occurred:
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 * This is the most important part of this form. We need to know exactly what your problem is so we can fix it as quickly as possible. Please include any error message that you receive.