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Volunteer for a BLN Committee

Members are encouraged to contribute and use their strengths in a meaningful way to fulfill the mission of BLN while developing themselves. Please sign up for one of more Committees below

Event Planning

This committee is responsible for planning monthly events based on recommendations from the membership committee. These events should address the needs of the BLN members and fulfill the purpose of BLN. Events will be planned out on the calendar on an annual basis in coordination with the executive committee. Events coordinated by this committee could include speakers series, book club, membership mixers, coordinating tailgates, events for enhancing university recruitment, etc.

Community Service

This committee is responsible for identifying, planning, and coordinating service opportunities for BLN members to come together as an organization and support the University of Houston System and the Community. These events can include volunteering to support New student welcome activities, New faculty luncheons, or March of Dimes.

Fund Raising

This committee is responsible for developing and planning fundraising events that are aligned with supporting the mission of BLN; locating community and organization sponsorship for funding to support the BLN, BLN events, and the scholarship program; and locating organizations or other businesses that can donate products or services to contribute to BLN events and initiatives.


This committee is responsible for developing a monthly newsletter to distribute via the BLN listserv and post important BLN related information and updates to the website. The committee may be asked to write short articles or posts to contribute to the newsletter. Also, these members may be asked to take and share photos from BLN events to be used on the communications, and manage social media outlets. This committee may be asked to distribute communications about BLN events to other university departments soliciting support and participation.


This committee is responsible for identifying potential new members and retaining existing members in conjunction with the executive committee, by identifying the needs of the current BLN members. Additionally, this committee will assist with welcoming members to meetings and events, and recognize members for achievements in their profession or academics, in addition to making significant contributions to BLN.

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