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World Cities Minor

Housed in the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design, this interdisciplinary and inter-departmental minor encourages students to critically explore cities of the world from different geographical, chronological, and disciplinary perspectives in an effort to help them develop analytical tools for understanding complex urban phenomena.

Students interested in pursuing World Cities as a minor must declare with an academic advisor at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design. All undergraduate students, regardless of major, are eligible for this minor. Students pursuing this undergraduate minor will be encouraged to keep in mind graduate programs at UH (and beyond to professional degree programs in city and regional planning) that deepen the skill-set offered by the World Cities minor.

To qualify for the minor in World Cities, students must complete 15 semester hours of courses designated for the
minor including:

  1. One foundation course - ARCH 4374 - World Cities (only offered in the fall)
  2. Four additional courses selected from the partial list for the minor (see below)
  3. Students must take 9 semester hours in residence, at least 6 of them advanced (3000 or 4000 level
  4. Course selection must reflect a broad geographic and disciplinary distribution - no more than (2) courses
    from any one major may be used to fulfill the minor requirements
  5. A cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better is required in those courses completed for the minor

An undergraduate academic advisor in the Hines College of Architecture and Design must approve the minor request. The minor is not considered completed until a Hines College academic advisor verifies all courses completed will count toward the minor. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a Hines advisor to confirm completion well in advance of graduation filings. For a current list of courses that are approved for the World Cities minor, consult a Hines College academic advisor. Check the list of
courses available on myUH. Not all of the listed courses are offered every semester.

Students interested in declaring a minor in World Cities must complete the following steps:

  1. Schedule an academic advising appointment with an academic advisor in the Student Services Office - call 713-743-3463 to schedule
  2. Schedule a meeting with Professor Vera Adams, World Cities Minor Coordinator, by emailing her at, to discuss your plan to complete the World Cities Minor
  3. Complete a General Petition form to request to declare a minor in World Cities - choose option 11
  4. Complete the student information section of the World Cities Minor Degree Plan
  5. Bring completed copies of both the General Petition and the World Cities Minor Degree Plan to your scheduled academic advising appointment

World Cities Minor - Partial Course List

ANTH 3341 - Cultural Ecology
ARCH 3342 - Shape of the City
ARCH 3356 - City as Palimpsest: Paris
ARCH 3397 - Social Aspects of the City
ARCH 4355 - Houston Architecture
ARCH 4373 - Urban Environments
ARCH 4374 - World Cities
ARCH 4375 - Capitalism, Architecture, & City
CHNS 3360 - A Look Into Modern China
CLAS 3350 - Law & Society in Roman Empire
CLAS 4305 - 5th Century Athens: Intellectual, Literary, Political History
ECON 3363 - Environmental Economics
ECON 4377 - Urban Economics
FREN 3362 - Paris & Berlin
GERM 3362 - Paris & Berlin
HIST 3327 - Houston Since 1836
HRMA 2365 - Tourism
WCL 2352 - World Cinema
WCL 3376 - Visual Stories - Local & Global