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Parking and Transportation Semester Survival Guide
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Parking Payments for Violations
Parking on Campus (Parking and Transportation)
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PASS Help Guide (Human Resources)
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PCI Data "Best Practices" (Treasury)
PCI Data Security and Classification Standards Summary (Treasury)
PCI Introduction (Treasury)
PCI Self Assessment Questionnaire (Treasury)
PPeopleSoft Employee Self-Service Guide
PeopleSoft General Ledger Training
PeopleSoft How To Enroll In Training (Human Resources)
Per Diem Rates (For Travel)
Performer Agreement Form (OGC-S-1998-08)
Period 998 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Personal Charges on P-Cards and Travel Cards (Unauthorized Transactions)
Personal Data Sheet (For New Hires) [Human Resources]
Personal Information Update Form (Human Resources)
Personal Property Inventory List (UH DPS)
Petty Cash and Change Fund Custodian Responsibilities
Pharmacy Transfer Form (UH Campus Pharmacy)
Pharmacy Web Site (UH Health Center)
Photo Release Form (OGC-SF-2003-02)
Planned and Emergency Utility Outage Policy (Facilities Management)
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Policy on Conflict of Interest for Academic Staff (Division of Research)
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Policy Waiver Request Form (Student Centers)
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Printing a Purchase Order (PO) Receiving Report
Printing Services Order Form for Business Cards (Printing and Postal)
Printing Services Order Form for Letterhead, Etc. (Printing and Postal)
Prior-Year Purchase Order Encumbrances
Procedures for Surplus Property from Storage (Property Management)
Procurement Card (P-Card) Activation (and "How To Get")
Procurement Card (P-Card) and Travel Card Fraud Prevention
Procurement Card (P-Card) and Travel Card Fraud Red Flags
Procurement Card (P-Card) and Travel Card Review Process
Procurement Card (P-Card) - Application for Local P-Card
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