Campus Address Updating Information Procedure (Cpoy, Print and Delivery Services)
Campus Building Addresses (Copy, Print and Delivery Services)
Campus Directory
Campus Distribution of Mail Information (Copy, Print and Delivery Services)
Campus Pharmacy Web Site
Campus Programs For Minors Web Site (Includes Training Information)
Campus Recreation and Wellness Center Reservation Request Form
Campus Recreation Web Site
Campus Recreation Facilities Reservation and Rental Policies
Campus Recreation Facility Availability (Map)
Campus Solutions System Security Access Request Form (UH)
Campus Vending Refund Policy and Request Form (OGC-SF-2005-01)
Canceling a Requisition
Cardholder Dispute Form
Career Ladder Information (Human Resources)
Career Ladder Promotion Procedures (Human Resources)
Cash/Check and Automatic Clearing House (ACH) Deposit Procedures
Cash/Check Deposit Procedures - Desk Guide (Finance and Accounting)
Cash Deposit: Service Center Revenue
Cash Handling and Change Fund Request Guidelines for Departments
Cash Handling Area Responsibilities for Administrators
Cash Handling Guidelines for Colleges/Divisions
Cash Handling Guidelines for Departments
Cash Handling Policy and Procedure Example Document
Cash Handling Responsibilities of the Accounting Departments
Cash Handling Responsibilities of Component Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)
Cash Handling Responsibilities of the Treasurer
Cash Journal and Deposit Guidelines
Cash Policies/Procedures Certification Form (MAPP 05.01.01, Addendum A)
Cell Phone Safety Tips (UHDPS)
Center for Academic Support and Assessment (CASA)
CASA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Center for Student Involvement Web Site (Student Affairs)
Center for Students With DisABILITIES (CSD) Web Site
Certificate of Interested Parties Procedure (Form 1295)
Chancellor's/President's Delegations of Authority (Table)
Chancellor's/President's Web Site
Change of Property Custodian Form (PRP-6B)
Changing FY 2018 Vouchers to FY 2019 Vouchers (Finance)
Charter School Web Site
Chartfield Action Forms
Checklist for Determining Independent Contractor Versus Employee Classification (Human Resources)
Checklist for New Hire Training FY 2019 (Human Resources)
Checklist To Use For Posting a Job Position (Human Resources)
Child Care Options (Bright Horizons Care Advantage)
Children's Learning Centers (CLC) Web Site
Choosing the Right Account Presentation
Classroom Multimedia Equipment Information (UIT)
College Program Information (Human Resources)
College Work-Study Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Common P-Card Purchase Guidelines
Computer Abuse Incident Reporting (UIT Security)
Computer Account Best Practices (UIT)
Computer Labs on Campus Not Managed By UIT (Listing/Information)
Computer Security Incident Reporting Information (UIT Security)
Computer Security Risk Assessment Information (UIT Security)
Computer Security Scanning Services (UIT Security)
Computer Security Tips and Best Practices (UIT Security)
Computer Security Tools (UIT Security)
Conflict of Interest Policy (Division of Research)
Consequences of Unauthorized Purchases (P-Card and T- Card)
Consolidated Fee Item Types Spreadsheet
Consolidated Tuition (DDT) Item Types Spreadsheet
Consulting and Paid Professional Service Application Form for UH System (Human Resources)
Contingency Plan to Submit Cash Deposits
Continuing and Professional Studies (Professional Development)
Continuation of Operations Planning (COOP) Web Site
Contract Administration Web Site (General Counsel)
Contract Coversheet and Approval Form (OGC-S-2006-14)
Contract Documents Index (Contract Administration/General Counsel Web Site)
Contract Workforce Checklist (Human Resources)
Contractor Access Control Agreement Form (Facilities Management)
COAST (Coogs on Alternative and Sustainable Transportation)
COAST Eligibility
COAST Information Request Form
COAST Membership Status Form
Copying a Template Voucher Instructions
Correcting Setting Problems In PeopleSoft
Cougar Line Shuttles
Cougar Line Shuttles (Sugar Land Schedule)
COUGARSAFE (Safety/Awareness/Friendship/Education
Cougar Services Presentation (2017)
Cost Center Composition Chartfields of UH Systems
Cost Center Manager Change Form
Cost Center Manager Delegation Memo Example
Cost Center Transaction Verification Instructions
Cost Center Verification Log
Cost Center Verification Procedure
Cougar Byte Store Web Site
Cougar Card Account Summary Procedure
Cougar Card Agreement Form
Cougar Card Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Cougar Card "Know Your Card"
Cougar Card Office Web Site
Cougar Patrol Information (UH Campus Safety)
Cougar Line Shuttle Information (Parking and Transportation)
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Web Site
CAPS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Creating a Budget Journal Entry in Workflow
Creating a PO Voucher Instructions
Creating a Purchase Requisition
Creating a Template Voucher
Creating an Encumbrance Journal
Creating Literacy in Computer Knowledge (CLICK)
Credit Card Authorization Form (OGC-SF-2006-1) (Department of Campus Recreation)
Credit Card Data Security Incident Response Plan (UIT Security/Treasury)
Credit Card Deposit Journal Instructions
Credit Card Merchant Request Form
Credit Card Matrix
Credit Card Policy and Procedure (Departmental Template)
Criminal History Record Investigation (CHRI) Form
Cross Referencing a Requisition to a PO
Cullen Performance Hall Booking Information
Cullen Performance Hall Web Site