Pursuant to Texas Government Code §2274.002, effective September 1, 2021, two new no boycott requirements are enacted into law for procurements $100,000 and greater, and that are paid in whole or in part with state funds.  Senate bill 13 prohibits contracting with companies that boycott energy companies.  Senate Bill 19 prohibits contracting with companies that boycott firearms and ammunition companies.  The no boycott of Israel requirement is still in effect.  A new Certification of No Boycott form consolidates the three no boycott requirements into one form.  This form is available on the Purchasing Website.  The requesting department is responsible for obtaining the completed certification form from the vendor.  For requirements $100,000 or greater that that will use no state funds, the departments should sign an attestation form that no state funds will be used on the purchase order or for the entire term of the contract.