Finding HUB vendors is now easier



UH HUB Operations Office is committed to a business program of advocacy, education, knowledge, development, and utilization that will achieve HUB procurement participation.  The FY22 HUB Goals by College/Division are available in the SharePoint located at and were distributed to the College/Division Administrators via an E-mail (October 13, 2021) from the Controller’s Office.  Identifying and promoting the use of HUBs is vital to the success of the HUB program, which is mandated by law, helps the economy, and helps build stronger relationships with the communities we serve. We have created the HUB Vendor Database to assist colleges/departments in identifying a variety of HUB vendors and obtaining quotes through its interface.  The HUB Vendor Database is accessible to all UH employees and is updated on an ongoing basis with new HUB vendors.  To access/login to the HUB Vendor Database, you will need your CougarNet ID and password.  Some of the features of the HUB Vendor Database include a search engine for applicable HUB vendors by category, contacting the vendors through the database, and the ability to export the search results to an excel document.


Should you have questions about the HUB program or can’t find a vendor in the UH HUB Database that addresses your procurement needs, please email or call 713-743-8603.