It's the Time of Year to prepare for Winter Weather

The University of Houston Office of Emergency Management encourages the UH community to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies, including any winter weather that may affect the Houston area.

Since winter weather can sneak up in a hurry, it's important to be ready. Although the Houston area does not normally experience the kind of winter weather conditions that cities in the northern part of the country do, it is not uncommon for our area to experience freezing temperatures during the winter and sometimes icy conditions or even light snow. Houston also recently had its first freeze of the season this year much earlier than usual. For these reasons, it is time to take steps to prepare for the winter season.

Here are a few tips to keep safe during the winter months:

  • If going outside, wear multiple layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing and water repellent outer garments.
  • Wear mittens (which are warmer than gloves), a hat and scarf to reduce heat loss.
  • Prepare vehicles by having a mechanic check the antifreeze level, brakes, heater, defroster, tires and windshield wipers to ensure everything is in good shape.
  • Remember that ice forms first on bridges, overpasses and shaded areas. Avoid driving on icy roads, if possible. Those who must be on the road should drive slowly, increase distance needed for stopping, and avoid using cruise control.
  • Bring pets inside.
  • Create an emergency kit for at least three days of self-sufficiency per person and pets. Make sure to have extra blankets, sleeping bags and warm winter coats in case the power goes out.
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