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University Oaks Community � Street Parking

The community of University Oaks has certified with the City of Houston as a Residential Permit Parking neighborhood. To legally park on the streets within University Oaks will now require a parking permit. The new parking restrictions will not go into effect until Feb. 15, 2011. Appropriate signage will be going up along the streets to ensure that individuals parking in that area will be properly notified. The City of Houston Parking Management Department will enforce the parking restriction by using warning citations initially and then, after a reasonable amount of time, they will begin issuing citations and/or towing.

The Department of Public Safety has no authority over the parking enforcement with the University Oaks community and was not involved in the Civic Club certification process. That being said, the UHDPS will do everything in its power to assist the students, faculty and staff through the transition.

All UH community members parking in University Oaks at the current time need to immediately seek alternative parking. As more information becomes available, the Department of Public Safety will be sharing that information with the campus community.