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UH Dining Services launches food donation program

University of Houston Dining Services has partnered with Food Donation Connection (FDC), a national network that serves as a liaison between food service organizations and restaurants and social service agencies, to help feed the hungry by facilitating the safe donation of wholesome prepared food to local non-profit organizations. Beginning this fall, surplus food prepared by UH Dining Services will now benefit The Covenant House.

A study done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2010 found that more than 34 million tons of food waste was generated nationwide, more than any other material category but paper. As is the case with virtually all large-scale dining operations, food commissaries or buffet-type restaurants, surpluses of prepared foods are inevitable despite even the most careful menu planning. UH Dining Services has partnered with FDC to implement a food donation program on UH�s campus to ensure that excess food reaches those in need within the local community.

�We are excited to partner with the Food Donation Connection to provide safe, wholesome food to our local community,� said Geoff Herbert, director of operations for UH Dining Services. �While we utilize food production systems that minimize food waste, there is inevitably some surplus food remaining each day. Now it can be safely donated to support those in need.�

UH's Food Donation Program developed in conjunction with Food Donation Connection ensures that all of the food donated to local agencies meets stringent food safety and quality standards. All donated food items are frozen prior to transport, so local hunger-relief agencies can distribute the food based on their specific schedules. In addition to identifying a local agency approved by the health department, FDC supports location management and provides donation tracking reports.

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