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Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Statistics

UH/UHSA departments with 90% HUB use or higher that spent at least $100 in August 2015

Dept College/Division Department HUB Use Total Expended
H0428 Liberal Arts and Social Sciences AEROSPACE STUDIES 100.00% 3,985.00
H0047 Business Administration FINANCE-BAUER COLLEGE 100.00% 3,859.83
H0204 Administration and Finance UIT SECURITY 100.00% 2,177.79
H0524 Education ED LEADERSHIP & POLICY STUDIES 100.00% 1,899.22
H0499 Law Center INTELLECTUAL PROP & INFO LAW 100.00% 255.99
H0506 Administration and Finance ED TECH AND UNIV OUTREACH 100.00% 198.21
S0040 Administration and Finance ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SAFETY 100.00% 133.16
H0493 Law Center INST OF HIGHER EDU & GOVERNANCE LAW 98.36% 2,426.18
H0477 Law Center ASSOCIATE DEAN, LAW 98.21% 412.61
H0699 Administration and Finance SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT 97.92% 294,975.34
H0205 Student Affairs STUDENT AFFAIRS 95.79% 10,088.68
H0031 University Advancement ADVANCEMENT STRATEGIC INITIATIVES 93.83% 4,741.20
H0431 Chancellor/President STAFF COUNCIL 92.88% 2,225.50
S0023 Chancellor/President GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS 90.63% 4,322.36

The above percentages include HUB-eligible voucher and P-Card payments. However, HUB subcontractor payments are not included in the monthly HUB statistics but are included in the semi-annual and annual HUB reports.

HUB reports by college/division and department are posted on the web at:

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