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UH Police Department receives accreditation

By Cindy Granier

UH Police Department receives accreditation

University of Houston Chief of Police Ceaser Moore is pleased to announce that the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators Accreditation Commission has approved IACLEA accreditation for the University of Houston Police Department. The accreditation is for four years.

IACLEA is an association that represents campus public safety leaders at more than 1,200 institutions of higher education and offers accreditation to colleges and university law enforcement, security, and public safety departments. IACLEA accreditation constitutes recognition that a department conforms to the highest professional standards for campus law enforcement and protective services. “Your commitment to the process, exemplified by how quickly the department completed self-assessment, is impressive,” John Leonard, director of Accreditation and LEMPA Services, wrote in an email to UHPD.

In honor of receiving this accreditation, IACLEA will include the UHPD patch in an article for the Campus Law Enforcement Journal and will include it as part of the Award Ceremony at the Annual Conference in Nashville