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Peer to Peer Leadership opportunities offered through UH Dining

By Kimberly Cooper

Peer to peer leadership opportunities offered though UH Dining

The University of Houston Dining Services peer leadership team offers UH students the opportunity to develop into leadership roles, gain working experience and enhance managerial and business skills.

The Peer to Peer Leadership team is an Aramark program that allows a student to grow and enhance their view of communication, leadership and management while attending college.

”I enjoy working for Dining Services because you get to meet new people and learn more about business,“ said Mario Cosbert, an accounting and finance major.

A peer leader’s duties include sales, special events and promoting UH Dining around campus.

“We work at the TASTE events in the dining halls, speak at student orientations, decorate for special events, and right now, I am working on an accounting project,” said Karina Castillo, an accounting and finance major.

While serving on the peer team, each leader speaks to a multitude of people throughout the day and develops effective communication skills while on the job.

“When I started working at UHDS, I was an introvert and was not comfortable talking to people, but now I am happy to meet new faces and have more confidence when I am speaking to a group,” said Khang Nguyen, a marketing major.

Each leader is assigned a different project throughout the semester.

“I like the professional deadlines that comes with all our projects,” said Asa Snell, a freshman computer science major. “I know this job will help me grow into a more challenging role once I graduate from college.”

Each peer leader has a special memory while working on the team.

“My favorite memories are where I learn more about the UH community,” said Cosbert. “I have met so many people and made new friends while working.”

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