HUB statistics

UH/UHSA departments with 90% HUB use or higher that spent at least $100 in September 2013

College/Division Department HUB Use Total Expended
Law Center BUSINESS SERVICES, LAW 100.00% 8,146.20
Administration and Finance INST - INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 100.00% 7,200.00
Administration and Finance INST - FINANCE 100.00% 1,048.99
Graduate College of Social Work FIELD OFFICE 100.00% 602.32
Student Affairs URBAN EXPERIENCE VPSA 100.00% 539.26
Graduate College of Social Work PHD PROGRAM 100.00% 368.62
Law Center LEGAL RESEARCH & WRITING, LAW 100.00% 260.13
Administration and Finance EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT 100.00% 259.99
Administration and Finance BUSINESS SERVICES 100.00% 252.77
Graduate College of Social Work AMERICAN HUMANICS 100.00% 145.02
Graduate College of Social Work OFFICE OF COMMUNITY PROJECTS 100.00% 130.00
Education CONSISTENCY MGMT & COOP DISCIP 93.41% 2,025.33
Graduate College of Social Work DEAN, SOCIAL WORK 91.58% 4,971.60
Law Center HEALTH LAW & POLICY INSITUTE 91.22% 925.67

The above percentages include HUB-eligible voucher and P-Card payments. However, HUB subcontractor payments are not included in the monthly HUB statistics but are included in the semi-annual and annual HUB reports. For departments with more than one DeptID, all DeptIDs were combined to determine the above ranking.

HUB reports by college/division and department are posted on the web at:

Please call Jack Tenner at x35671 or Mike Glisson at x38706 if you need help finding a HUB vendor.