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RecycleMania teams came out in full force this year, exceeding all expectations and bringing in record numbers of recyclables. Student organizations and faculty/staff groups competed against their peers to win catering credits from UH Dining Services and the trophy for the team bringing in the most recyclables. This year, HRM Green Team beat out the other student organizations, and the UC Ultimate Recyclers took the top prize among faculty/staff groups.

Participation in UH�s recycling team contest tripled for 2011 with a total of 30 teams participating this year. Overall, the RecycleMania team competition participants brought in almost 36,000 pounds of recycling! That�s a major improvement over last year�s weight of over 23,000 pounds. HRM Green Team alone recycled the most ever by a team with 7,391 pounds of recycling.

�It feels great to win!� said Leslye Dodd, member of the HRM Green Team. �It is good to show that we can make a difference with a small group of people and some dedication and persistence. It is our goal to grow the recycling efforts at The Conrad N. Hilton College and motivate other colleges to initiate change. Recycling can be a new life�s lesson to take with us to the professional world. The key to our success was persistence and networking with the organizational clubs. It was affirming to our efforts to have the support of the Dean�s office and the faculty members.�

The UC Ultimate Recyclers brought in an impressive 6,158 pounds to lead the faculty/staff teams and reclaim their title after coming up short in 2010.

�I�ve been involved in RecycleMania since 2009 (as first place winner) and it�s just the thing to do!� said Beverly Garcia, member of the UC Ultimate Recyclers. �Personally, I recycle in my house, and I�ve always encouraged people to recycle. I�m excited that the University is becoming more aware, and I�ll continue to be a part of RecycleMania as long as it continues!�

For the student teams, Accounting Society came in second with 3,985 pounds turned in to win $100 in catering credits followed by Psi Chi receiving a $50 credit for coming in third with 2,283 pounds of recycling. For the faculty/staff teams, second place was awarded to Admissions Processing who brought in 3,936 pounds, followed by Green DOR in third with 3,535 pounds.

Each week, teams would collect and turn in bags of plastic, aluminum, cardboard and paper to weigh in and tally their totals from January 31 until April 1. The team competition was hosted by Green UH in order to raise awareness about recycling as part of the national RecycleMania competition.

�I feel it was important, and still is, to rally everyone together to recycle because it helps the world we live in,� said Cali Smith, member of the HRM Green Team. �This is our earth and we need to help preserve it for future generations. It�s a great thing that helps our planet and our communities.�

For more information on green initiatives on campus, visit