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Cost Center List

The 1074 Verification Worksheet now has a �Cost Center List� sheet that lists all of the cost centers included in the report. In addition to listing the cost centers, this sheet includes the following:

  • Cost Center Manager

  • Cost Center Status (active or inactive)

  • Whether the cost center had activity during the reporting period. The Has Activity column is �true� if one or more entries for that cost center appear in the Asset/Liability/Fund Equity, Revenue/Expense, Budget Journals, Open Commitments, and/or Soft Commitments sheet. If there was no activity, the column is �false.�
  • Project End Date for project cost centers
Departments can use this information in the following ways:

Identify active cost centers that do not have a Cost Center Manager or where the Cost Center Manager needs to be changed.

Identify active cost centers without activity that may need to be closed. Cost centers may be closed when no additional activity is expected and they have zero balances for assets, liabilities, and fund equity (check the Balance Sheet), zero open and soft commitments, and zero original (base) budget.