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Finals Fiesta provides welcome break for students

Nearly 1,300 students took a break from studying for exams by getting a plateful of tacos during Finals Fiesta.

The annual event was held at the M.D. Anderson Library on April 30 from 8 to 10 p.m. A few new wrinkles were added this spring. One was a name change, as it has previously been known as Finals Mania. Another was a menu change, as tacos were added to replace pancakes, which have been the main focus of the event previously.

There was also a chips and salsa bar, and three flavors of aguas frescas. Other drinks, including coffee, iced coffee, water and sodas, were served, as was a variety of snacks. There was one serving station offering up red velvet pancakes.

Just like in past years, members of the UH band kicked off the event with several songs.