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A&F Division holds March of Dimes fundraiser luncheon

By Cindy Granier

The Administration and Finance Division held a luncheon April 26 in honor of the March of Dimes/March for Babies.

Homemade fried rice and egg rolls were served and donations were received that totaled $193.50 – which included a generous donation from AVC/AVP Malcolm Davis that matched the expense of the hot food.

The division would like to thank everyone who donated their time or support for the luncheon, including:

  • AVC/AVP Malcolm Davis for his donation and support
  • The Baccam family for their support
  • Food Safety Specialist Karla Acosta for her assistance
  • Vanessa Adams for her assistance
  • Mary Nguyen for her assistance
  • Rickey Frierson for his assistance
  • Casey Monigold for her assistance
  • Patsye Pittman for her assistance
  • DaNesha Allen for her preplanning and preparations before and during the event
  • Cindy Granier for her preplanning and preparations, donations and assistance before and during the event
  • Nancy Nguyen for her guidance

Administration and Finance would also like to apologize for the food running out as quickly as it did. A&F staff members will be meeting soon to discuss holding another luncheon in honor of the March of Dimes. When a date is determined, then another notification will be sent. The division was pleasantly surprised at the great turnout and will order more food for the second luncheon.