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At the end of the day when the RFoC in Oberholtzer Hall closed down for the summer, UH Dining Services also said goodbye to an extremely valued member of their team.

Lou Stewart, more commonly known as Miss Lou, has been with UH Dining Services for 42 years and retired at the end of the semester.

�Like a pillar upon which you build a foundation, you sometimes forget how important it is to everything you have done, everything you have built as a team, until it is no longer there,� said Director of Operations Geoff Herbert. �Miss Lou has been that pillar for all of us at OB, and we will all be sad that she will not be by our side every day.�

Those sentiments are echoed by the people who worked with her every day, and the students who have grown accustomed to seeing her at every meal.

�For every student that has ever eaten a meal at OB in the last 42 years, Miss Lou has been there to make them feel right at home,� said Valarie Holub, location manager at the Oberholtzer dining hall. �Not only has she touched the lives of the students but also the hearts of all those that have worked with her over the years.�

We have racked our brains to find words that do justice to what we feel in our hearts, and we apologize for failing. So we will leave you with this: We love you, Miss Lou, and we will always miss you.

For more information about UH Dining Services visit