Meet the women behind the Parking and Transportation Call Center
For Deloris Biagas, Monica Humphery and La�Tasha Burton, the work day starts early.

The three arrive at 7 a.m. Monday through Friday to the Parking and Transportation Service Call Center, located in the Stadium Parking Garage. There, they go about answering phone calls from customers seeking answers to a wide range of questions ranging from what to do about citations to how to purchase a parking permit.

The calls come from members of the UH community: students, faculty and staff. They also come from people in other states and countries.

Their responsibilities are not only to answer questions from customers, but also to do back office work and run reports that have to be completed before the close of business every day.
Not everyone who calls Parking and Transportation is in a good mood. Despite that, the three women in the call center maintain a pleasant attitude and smile.

So the next time a member of the UH community needs to call Parking and Transportation to get a question answered or an issue resolved, remember that the voice on the other end of the line is doing her best to provide excellent customer satisfaction.