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UH community encouraged to update emergency contact information

UH community encouraged to update emergency contact information

The campus community is a priority for the University of Houston during emergencies. To ensure that everyone receives accurate and up-to-date information when such a situation arises, it is important that personal information is updated and accurate in PASS. This is particularly true for cell phone numbers. In order to receive emergency text messages from the University of Houston, a cell phone number must be listed in PASS.

With hurricane season quickly approaching, this is the time to update department, office and business phone lists, building response plans, and personal contact information in PASS. The cell number provided will only be used for emergency text messages and is not for public listing.

Maintaining a cell phone number in PASS is simple. Follow these six steps:

  1. Log into AccessUH
  2. Select PASS
  3. Click “Personal Information”
  4. Select “Phone Numbers”
  5. Enter a mobile telephone number
  6. Click save