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The May quarterly meeting of the building coordinator program was held Friday, May 30, in the Rockwell Pavilion in the M.D. Anderson Library. Some of the highlights and interesting facts shared during the meeting include:

  • Building coordinators are asked to verify their contact information currently listed on the Plant Operations building coordinator website. Several building coordinators have multiple phone numbers listed. Review the list at and notify Jacquie Vargas of changes that need to be made.
  • A facilities condition assessment will be done on 34 buildings on campus in 2015 and a post-occupancy evaluation will be formed on 14 buildings that are between one and five years old. A condition assessment will be performed on a third of the buildings on campus every three years.
  • Cullen Boulevard repair work started May 12 and is scheduled to be completed by Aug. 12. The work is being done through the city of Houston and not UH.
  • the campus-wayfinding project
  • The campus has been divided into color-coded districts for the purpose of the campus-wayfinding project. The districts include: residential; Energy Research Park; athletics; arts; professional; Cullen north; biomedical; and central. The eventual signage will utilize the color coding to help students, faculty, staff and visitors navigate the campus.
  • The UH Public Art Collection includes 521 pieces of art work system-wide with both local and international artists represented. A suggested 30-minute walking tour of the outdoor works is available at
  • To find out more about the UH Office of Sustainability and its new manager, Sarah Kelly, please view the video at It's a great overview of the exciting program and its new leadership.
  • Emergency preparedness — Hurricane season began June 1 and the three things everyone needs to know are: make a list; have a plan; and have two preparedness kits – one for home and one for the office. For more information about storm preparedness, visit Another great resource for helping understand how the University responds to emergency situation is the video at The UH Office of Emergency Management says to remember to coordinate, collaborate and communicate.

The meeting presentation slides can be viewed at and the agenda can be viewed at

Building coordinators in the news

Tim Rosas is the recipient of the University of Houston's 2014 Staff Excellence Award. The award recognizes meritorious service, dedication and contribution to the University beyond the requirements and expectations of the job.

He is the director of the College of Education CITE Lab. He also serves as the building coordinator for Farish Hall To include similar news about awards and recognitions received by building coordinators, send it to Jacquie Vargas, communications manager.

Building Coordinators Corner is a monthly newsletter provided by Plant Operations—Facilities Management to help communicate tips, information and announcements relevant to building coordinators and their building occupants. For more information, contact Jacquie Vargas, Visit