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Fountain repairs underway

By Jacquie Vargas

After almost 45 years of service and operation, the fountain nestled in the plaza surrounded by E. Cullen, Farish Hall, Roy Cullen and the Science Building is being restored and repaired. The project will repair water leaks and fix the fountain's lighting.

Permanent repairs, currently underway, commenced just after spring 2016 graduation with the installation of construction fencing and signage around the perimeter.

The water was drained from the fountain basin by Facilities Services maintenance crews in preparation of the project work.

The fountain restoration project, managed by Facilities Planning and Construction, will repair and restore this iconic campus landmark, keeping it operating for years to come.

This water centerpiece has served as a popular photo backdrop for visitors, students, faculty and staff and with the surrounding verdant landscaping, shaded avenues and relaxing water sounds, it is a favorite campus studying and gathering location. The sculpture, “Waterfall, Stele and River”, by the artist Lee Kelly, adds additional visual enhancement and interest to this beautiful campus location.

The project is scheduled for completion by August 2016, in time for the Fall 2016 semester. With the completion of this project, the fountain will continue to serve as a popular iconic image and an enjoyable meeting place and study hub for the campus community for years to come.

For additional information about the fountain and its history, please visit the UH Facilities Planning and Construction website at To view the time lapse construction camera, go to fountain-repair