Facilities Management took steps to prepare for dipping temperatures

Knowing that colder temperatures were expected right after the winter break, and to prepare campus buildings for the start of the spring semester, the entire HVAC and building automation staff of Facilities Management arrived extra early on Jan. 6 to complete building temperature checks.

Assistant Director of Facilities Management Michael Burriello said checking building temperatures is a proactive step to address fluctuating temperatures that occur this time of year.

"Having the crews arrive early to walk the buildings gave our team the ability to respond to any building temperature problems before folks came in at 8 a.m. It's important that students and employees feel comfortable in their learning and work environments," Burriello said.

In addition to the FM employees checking buildings, Burriello also supplemented these crews with outside contractors to complete building checks and help with any necessary repairs.

Employees who discover their building or classroom is too cold, or who have another facilities repair or maintenance issue that needs to be addressed, should file a report to the Facilities Customer Service Center, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 713-743-4948.

Employees also are encouraged to notify their building coordinators about facilities repair issues in their building. Often seemingly isolated issues are signals of other problems, and building coordinators can work with facilities personnel to help assess this and be a point of contact for them regarding facilities issues in the building. A list of campus building coordinators who serve in this important role is available here.