Emergency Operations Center

The UH Department of Public Safety has its own Emergency Operation Center. The Emergency Management Bureau of the UH Department of Public Safety has been working for many months to assemble the new Emergency Operations Center (UHEOC). The UHEOC will be ready anytime an emergency situation occurs that impacts the campus community.

Joe S. Mendez, Emergency Management Director, was instrumental in the design of the new UHEOC. He not only wanted to ensure that all emergency situations could be handled within this room, but that the Virtual Patrol Room would be incorporated into the design.

�Our vision is to create a virtual UHEOC concept, where center participants can share information, make decisions, and deploy resources without the requirements to be physically present in the center and this is a first step in the right direction,� commented Mendez.

While an Emergency Operations Center can be anywhere the emergency operations team is located, it is helpful to have a location to which they can come that is fully equipped.