Travel Forms Updated

The Travel Request, which is completed prior to a university business trip, has been updated to indicate two sets of dates: (1) the Departure and Return Dates (i.e., dates of travel) and (2) the Travel Dates to be Reimbursed/Paid by UH. University funds can only cover expenses for those days where conducting university business is the primary activity. If travelers choose to take one or more days off during their trip for sightseeing or other non-university activities, expenses for those days will not be paid or reimbursed by UH.

For example, if a UH employee wants to fly from Houston to Boston on January 15 to attend a conference from January 16 to 19, do some sightseeing on January 20 and 21, and then return to Houston on January 22, his Travel Request would indicate the following:

Departure and Return Dates: January 15-22, 2012
Travel Dates to be Reimbursed/Paid by UH: January 15-19 and 22, 2012

In this example, meals, lodging, and other allowable travel expenses will be paid or reimbursed by UH from January 15 through January 19 and the traveler would incur all expenses on January 20 and 21. Since January 22 is a travel day, airfare to Houston, reasonable meal expenses, mileage, parking at the airport (except for January 20 and 21), taxi fare, and other expenses necessary to return home would be paid by UH.

The Travel Expense Report, which is used to document travel reimbursements paid with local funds, has been updated to provide a relevant list of expense accounts that correspond to the type of trip selected on the Travel Expense Report. Types of travel include:
�  Employee � Texas
�  Employee � Out-of-State
�  Employee � Foreign
�  Prospective Employee
�  Student

Thanks to Paul Roch in Academic Affairs for helping Accounts Payable make the Travel Expense Report more user friendly.

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