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‘4 Ways to FIX-IT’ icon revealed for reporting facilities-related issues

By Jacquie Vargas

‘4 Ways to FIX-IT’ icon revealed for reporting facilities-related issues

The department of Facilities Services continues to provide the campus community easier and more efficient ways to report facilities-related issues through the “4 Ways to FIX-IT” program.

4 Ways to FIX-IT offers faculty, students and staff four unique ways to submit a facilities-related repair. Examples of these issues include but are not limited to reporting a broken window or door, adjustments to the temperature of a room, burned out light bulbs, a leaking pipe or pest control problems.

One of the four methods a customer may use to self-report a facility issue is by logging in to AccessUH.

Previously, the icon was called the FAMIS self-service icon. This icon has recently undergone a remodeling and updating in alignment with UH Branding guidelines. Now when the customer logs in to AccessUH, the user will see the new icon which is referred to as the “FIX-IT icon”. While the new FIX-IT icon provides a new look and a new name, everything else regarding the self-service module remains the same for now. We look forward to continually improving the customer experience and efficiency.

To review the 4 Ways to FIXIT, please visit the program webpage at