Outdoor Warning Siren System

The Outdoor Warning Siren System at the University of Houston is activated by Department of Public Safety, Emergency Management Bureau in the event of an emergency when it may be unsafe to be outdoors. The types of incidents that may require activation of the siren system are:

� Severe weather conditions (Tornado warning or other dangerous conditions)
� Major hazardous material incidents
� An armed and hostile individual on campus
� Other conditions that may require an emergency shelter in place action

For frequently asked questions about the outdoor warning siren, please click here. In the event of an actual emergency, the PIER notification system will be used in conjunction with the siren system to disseminate further information to the UH community. Only those community members that have current contact information in PeopleSoft will be able to receive these emergency messages. You can find instructions for updating your cell phone number, email address and other contact information at www.uh.edu/emergency.