HR Commitment to Service

The Human Resources Team is here to assist employees with all their HR needs. In an effort to serve you better, please use the Customer Service Center (325 McElhinney) as the start point when coming to HR. The Customer Service Representatives can answer general questions about any area of HR including new employee information, payroll, benefits and forms.

Set an Appointment: If you have more specific information needs concerning FML, retirement, employee relations, benefits, or payroll please call the HR Customer Service Center (713-743-3988 or email to set an appointment. The HR Customer Service Representative will set your appointment with the appropriate generalist, benefits or payroll specialist. Setting an appointment allows time to gather information so attention and effort can be focused on your inquiry and we can serve you better.

New Biweekly Timesheet Drop Off Location � Biweekly Timesheets should be dropped off at Customer Service in room 325 located directly in front of the 3rd floor elevators. A box is located just inside the double glass doors on the right hand side as you enter the office.

The Benefits staff has relocated to room 347. The Payroll and Benefits staff are now located in one suite of offices. The HR Generalists have relocated to room 352, and the HR Directors have relocated to room 358.


Contact Information: Phone 713-743-3988 or EMAIL at
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