UH Bookstores started the semester off with a bang by offering even more textbook options and faster, more convenient service. Before the semester kicked off, the bookstore added new touch-screen registers to its stores and improved its online ordering system. In addition to the service enhancements, textbook options offered at the stores are at an all-time high, giving students more choices to find the format and price that suits their needs.

Rental and digital textbook availability is up over 45 percent from last semester with 58 percent of textbook titles available for rent and 48 percent of textbook titles available in digital format.

�We are continually looking for the best titles to add to the rental list, and as publishers make e-books available we will add them to the digital list of titles available to students. It is all about textbook choices!� said Felix Robinson, general manager for UH Bookstores.

Also, with the installation of new CMA touch screen registers, students purchasing rentals don�t have to stand in separate lines. Before the new registers, students could only purchase their rentals in a separate line due to the need for separate printers. However, the process is now streamlined so all purchases can be made from the CMA touch screen registers. These new registers also allow customers to swipe their own credit cards and signatures are no longer required for purchases under $25.

�These changes have greatly improved the amount of customers choosing to rent and extremely reduced the checkout time,� Robinson said.

Students also have the option to order their textbooks online and pick them up the next day at the bookstore. In order to meet the growing demand for online orders, the bookstore brought in a night crew to process the orders within 24 to 48 hours and meet the need of the customers. During the first week of the spring semester, the bookstore was able to process over 6,400 orders.

Offering more options and faster service is one of the many ways the UH Bookstore strives to meet the needs of the students. For more information on textbook options and the UH Bookstore, visit